Depending on the quality of the materials and expert advice, a box spring bed can be the non plus ultra for every sleeper. By choosing the box spring, the mattress and the topper, each box spring bed can be individually adjusted to the needs of the individual.

In addition, there are still box spring beds, which have electrically adjustable lying areas by appropriate technology. This allows even with a double bed, the different and separate adjustment of the head and foot. Box spring beds have a stately height due to their structure. Especially for elderly or sick people bedtime can be relieved.

The bedding system is usually the first choice for hotels, as changing the bedding is extremely simple. The top topper can be quickly and easily provided with a fresh fitted sheet. And even at home, you can use this advantage.

For whom are box spring beds suitable?

Box spring beds are undoubtedly suitable for anyone who cares about good and restful sleep. Due to the high support strength and the very good physical adaptation of mattress and topper people with diseases of the spine etc. benefit especially from this bed model. The height of the bed system makes it easier to lie down and get up, which in turn is an advantage for sick or elderly people.

Differences between American and Scandinavian box spring beds?

The classic American box spring bed consists of the box spring and a thick, mostly about 30 cm high mattress. The base, the box spring, and the mattress can be made of a variety of materials such. Hard foam, spring core or visco be made. Usually, the box spring is fabric-related and the mattress is provided for reasons of hygiene with a sheet.

Scandinavian models have next to the box spring and neither the mattress nor a topper, with box spring and mattress, is color matching provided with a fabric. Accordingly, usually only the toppers, so the other thinner mattresses, covered with a sheet, so that the uniform look is maintained. Take online tips from the Amerisleep scientists.