In 1888, the foundation was laid for a decade-long success story when British inventor John Boyd Dunlop filed his patent for the first air-filled rubber tire. A year later he founded the first tire plant in Ireland and in 1893 the first external branch in Hanau was created under the name The Dunlop Pneumatic and Tire Co. GmbH. From 1923 began the production of tennis balls and from the year 1955 under the name Dunlop even floor coverings were produced.

In 1928, a method was developed to foam latex mattresses. This step was crucial for the production of the first latex mattress and its serial production in 1932 in Hanau. Just four years later, the company was commissioned to equip the luxury accommodations of the luxury steamer Queen Mary with 2280 latex mattresses.

Dunlop – foundation and continuation

Latex mattresses enjoyed increasing popularity. Therefore, the subsidiary Dunlop GmbH was founded in 1952, 24 years after the first latex mattress was made. Just under ten years later, in 1961, the world’s first manufacturing plant for the production of foam mattresses was founded in Hanau – the standard production of foam mattresses begins. In 1972, an in-house sleep laboratory was built in which a team of engineers, process engineers and doctors continued to work on the development of mattresses. Dunlop can look back on decades of history.

In December 2016, the bedtime group bought the brand rights too soon again mattresses, slatted frames, bedding and boxspring beds under the brand Dunlop produce. New product lines include the Dunlop Home 3000 Series and the Dunlop Life 4000 Series. The advantage of the Dunlop Home series is that the mattresses are equipped with 7 ergonomic zones and the open-celled cold fluff adapts perfectly to the body. The breathable Dunlop mattress cover Dry Comfort ensures a dry and comfortable sleeping climate and at the same time, it still has a point elastic effect. We have internet-based Amerisleep options so you can easily buy mattress.