As everywhere in the bed you have the possibility to choose between different variants, as you already know the size and type of your bed system, the mattress or, for example, the slatted base. The mattress protector is no different because under this generic term different variants are summarized, but always all pursue the same goal: the reliable protection of the mattress from external influences.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that there is a difference between mattress toppers and a mattress topper. Both are a form of mattress protection, especially topper can still improve the feeling of lying in bed, they are also much higher and more padded.  An overview of possible mattress protectors:

The waterproof mattress pad:

As the name implies, these pads simply allow water and other moisture to bead off, preventing them from attacking, infiltrating, and contaminating the mattress. Waterproof pads are particularly popular in baby or toddler beds, where a mishap could happen again and again at night. They are easy to wash in the machine and thus ensure that the mattress remains clean and hygienic.

The normal mattress pad

Such an edition is almost the classic. These variants are flat pads, which of course are chosen to match the size of the mattress. They are able to protect them from many environmental contaminants, be it crumbs from food, sweat, or any other source of dirt a mattress could come into contact with. They always have a gentle effect on the mattress but do not improve the suspension or the feeling of lying.

Cuddly mattress topper

Cuddly pads, of course, protect the mattress, as their name suggests, but they have another positive side effect. Because of the material they look nice cuddly and are therefore very suitable if you want to improve the tempering properties of a mattress – especially in winter is the “gold value” if a mattress cools quickly or you would call yourself rather frostbite. The protective properties are guaranteed in addition to the cuddly side effect. You can see how Amerisleep competes with big brands on our websites.