Spring mattresses are very popular and used in many households. This is mainly due to its very good price-performance ratio. Most models are simple mattresses with a Bonnell spring core. Meanwhile, there are in the trade but always a more high-quality variant of the classic spring mattresses. These include the pocket spring mattress and the pocket spring mattresses. Compared to the conventional spring mattress, the springs of the pocket spring mattress are individually wrapped by small fabric bags.

The pocket spring mattress has some similarities with the pocket spring mattress but has a major difference. There are no cylindrical springs, but barrel-shaped springs used. These springs have a slightly larger diameter at their center than at their ends. Due to the bulbous shape of the springs, the

Mattresses with the Pocket Springs support the spine and loins optimally and have a very high level of comfort. For this reason, they also cost a little more money than the normal pocket spring mattresses.

What to look for when buying a pocket spring mattress?

Potential buyers should not choose the first model. There are some important criteria to consider before purchasing. One of the most important quality features of the pocket spring mattress is the number of springs. Buyers who attach great importance to a high level of comfort and good adaptability to the body should pay attention to the number of springs.

The compression hardness is also an important criterion when buying a mattress. The higher this value, the more resilient the mattress is. Persons who weigh very little, of course, can neglect this value something. The volume weight plays an important role in any type of mattress. This value indicates how durable a mattress is. The higher the density (RG), the more durable the mattress. A high-quality pocket spring mattress should have a minimum density of 40 or higher. Most mattresses have several lying areas. Their number is therefore also an important criterion when buying. Check out our website for newly introduced Amrisleep lineups.

The more lying areas pocket springs mattress has, the higher is also the lying comfort and the more effectively the individual body parts are supported.