Humans need at least 8 hours of sleep a day – but it is not only the duration of sleep that is crucial: real recovery can only be experienced with a suitable mattress. If the mattress makes noises when moving while asleep, you will wake up again and again – if it is too hard or too soft, back, neck or headaches are the results. The fact is: The wrong mattress disturbs the calm and restful sleep, causing pain, fatigue, and irritability in the daytime. So it’s important to choose the right mattress – but how do you find the personal test winner?

Why is a mattress so important?

One tends to underestimate the importance of a high-quality mattress – after all, one does not notice in sleep itself, where the strengths and weaknesses of your own mattress lie. Only when pain or constant fatigue arises whose cause is not found in a disease or deficiency, do most people worry about their mattress.

Man spends a third of his life sleeping – and not without reason: Sleep is important for the regeneration of the body and thus also for one’s own performance and emotional balance. For this reason, you should definitely not save on the mattress: A high-quality mattress, which is adapted to their own body, prolongs the deep sleep phases, which is beneficial for body and mind. And in order to find the best mattress, a mattress comparison is indispensable.

Mattresses Test: The most important features in detail

The perfect mattress keeps the spine straight, supporting the head at the right height and optimally adapts to the body. In order for all these factors to be met and for the body to relax in the best possible reclining position, some mattress characteristics must be taken into account. These include the following:

Mattresses features:

  • of mattress
  • density
  • compressive strength
  • temper
  • point elasticity
  • sleeping environment

Of most importance is probably the mattress, because it decides in part on all other features of the mattress. Among the most popular types of mattresses include the spring mattress, the cold fluff mattress, the latex mattress, and the visco mattress. In addition, there are also various subcategories that also stand out through their own characteristics. Amerisleep offers the best mattress. So manufacturers competing with Amerisleep.